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The department of computer science at college of education of pure science held a discussion symposium...

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Updated   08/11/2016 1:27 PM

    The department of computer science at college of education of pure science held a discussion symposium entitled “ The Importance and Benefits of the International Academic Conferences” in the main Hall of the conferences and symposiums on Wednesday, 2/11/2016. The aim of this symposium was to explain the great benefits of attending academic conferences. As well as how to prepare for the conferences. During this symposium the lecturer has given and explained the most important reasons to attend the international conferences as follows: (1) Conferences provide excellent opportunities to learn more about your field of study in a diverse, professional environment. (2) You get the chance to meet new people and sometimes to even rub shoulders with the scholars and professionals who inspire you. (3) Conferences give you the chance to shine as a student/scholar, especially if you’re presenting. You can also list conferences you’ve participated in on your curriculum vitae. (4) Conferences are great way to refuel yourself. Just when you’re feeling worn out from taking classes, writing papers, or teaching a heavy course load, conferences can give you the boost you need to get reenergized and motivated.Also, the lecturer has explained how to prepare for the conferences as follows: (1) Usually, in all scientific conference determines the precise address to the conference, and this is very important because this thing will help the researcher to choose the appropriate scientific conference for his/her paper. (2) In order, to choose the right conference for your paper, you can use Google search, because each scientific institution which is hold a scientific conference will announced about it by at least one year before the date thereof. (3) Ensure all your tasks and projects are up to date so you can go away from the office with a clear mind. (4) Make sure you know exactly how to get to the venue and how long it will take you to get there on your chosen method of transport. (5) Saving a copy of the planned schedule might be helpful to reference throughout the day, and it is always useful after the conference to jog your memory on what happened during the day too. (6) Check out the twitter feed and search for the official conference hashtag in advance and take the time to connect with the other delegates before you arrive. (7) Make sure you have your game face on for some serious networking and a hit list of people you want to connect with. (8) Before the conference make sure all your electronic devices are fully charged. You might even want to check to see if the venue has wall sockets available for you to charge throughout the day if need be. (9) Don’t forget your favourite pen and notepad. (10) Make sure you have plenty of up to date business cards with you to pass to the people you meet during the event. (11) Make sure you have a plan so you don’t miss out on benefiting from the inspiration and lessons from the conference.The symposium recommended that the lecturers and the postgraduate students must attend the academic conferences, since this thing has many scientific and an academic benefits for them and their institution.


















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