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The department of computer science at college of education of pure science held a  scientific symposium...

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Updated   13/12/2016 9:05 AM

    The department of computer science at college of education of pure science held a  scientific symposium entitled “The role of the University in Building a Personality of University Student” in the main Hall of the conferences and symposiums on Monday, 5/12/2016. The seminar included a definition of the functions of the university educational institutions which are based on fill the community by the various social needs   and at the head of that institutions is the University that perform social functions, including graduated scientific competencies that lead roles in various institutions,

It has constructed centers of research and evolutionary working which are solve many various social problems. The ambitions of the university is the attention to the investment and cooperation with the industrial and productive institutions in order to achieve self-sufficiency and supporting the national economy. The symposium focused on the important role of the university in spreading the culture of professional ethics in various business and terms of reference for as well as scientific and academic aspects of society to promote and achieve goals and hopes and aspirations. The symposium also addressed the university controls and instructions which  the University student must be adhered them, starting from the obligation by the uniform , customs and traditions, respect the University teaching staff and workers in the educational institution as well as mutual respect between students themselves, a commitment to lectures and avoid absences. As well as urged the students to the excel and perseverance and scientific, cultural and social progress, and good behavior toward their professors and  knowledge of rights and mutual cooperation between the professor and the student.



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