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    The department of computer science at college of education of pure science held a  scientific...

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Updated   14/12/2016 10:14 AM

    The department of computer science at college of education of pure science held a  scientific symposium entitled “The reliability of labs” in the main Hall of the conferences and symposiums on Monday, 12/12/2016. The aim of the symposium was to monitor the implementation the quality requirements of the labs in the department of computer science and knowledge of their compatibility with international standards for laboratories. The symposium included a good laboratory characterization and what are the ways and means used to ensure from the quality of the educational labs, academic programs and courses. It has emphasized the need to follow up the staff of the department (lecturers and assistantships) to achieve the goals of laboratories and develop plans for self-assessment by the head of the department  periodically. It has included a discussion of the  main themes which according  to them we measure the standard good laboratory such as selecting the desired titles offered in the laboratory, training courses that must be passed by the laboratory personnel, securing personal protection system, maintenance programs of devices and equipment in the laboratory, research published by the laboratory personnel globally and regionally, the patent and the local and international certifications which has been received by laboratory personnel. The symposium has emphasized the importance of laboratories for the students of the department of computer Science and applied comprehensive quality standards to reach international standards for laboratories.


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