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    The department of computer science at college of education of pure science held a discussion...

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Updated   25/12/2016 9:18 AM

    The department of computer science at college of education of pure science held a discussion symposium entitled “E-services and electronic communication” in the main Hall of the conferences and symposiums on Monday, 14/12/2016. The aim of the symposium was define the services provided by e-mail and communication and its role in facilitating the smooth and speed up administrative work and overcome the routine.

The symposium included a clarification and explanation of the email, which is a quick and easy service to exchange messages sings from the use of traditional mail and also send files, photos, chat with the interviewer and many other services. Also, the necessity to have everyone connected to the Internet e-mail, because a lot of the services offered by internet requires that you have the e-mail. In addition explain the ways and means by which an individual can have a registered account or in the e-mail service. It has showed that the postal services and communication-mail is an important part and target mainly the work of the e-governance by linking all state departments through a secure network for the exchange of correspondence and information which leads to speed up administrative, functional work and improve and strengthen the bonds of trust between the citizen and the other departments. It has showed that many of the universities on a global level and the Arab cut a long way in the field of electronic communication in all its business. The symposium recommended  that, everyone uses the Internet must has an e-mail to take advantage of the great services provided by this service. Also, the Universities must use the electronic communication in its dealings, because of its large and active role in improving job performance.


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