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Curriculum Vitae

Name: nihad mahmoud nasir

Birth day: 1970

Certificate: PhD

Where to obtain a certificate:  Faculty of Computer Science. Varonc State University. United Russia.

The date of obtaining the certificate: 7- 9- 2011

The scientific title: Assistant Professor

General Specialization: Computer Science

Specialization: Computer modeling.

Years of service in higher education. 14 years

E-mail. Nihadalnasir1@yahoo.com

Research published. 14 Search in international journals.

International conferences that were participating: 3 conferences

Seminars that helped prepare her. 18

Courses that helped prepare her. 11                                                   

 Workshops. 3

Mobile. 07713501988


Positions filled.

1- Reporter of the Computer Science Department- Yarmouk University College- 2000-2001

2- Director of the preparatory session / Faculty of Yarmouk University/ 2001-2003

3- Director of the computer center and Internet / Presidency of Diyala University / 2005-2006

4- Head of Department of Computer Science / College of Education Sciences Pure / 2013 - until now.



1- English.

2- Russian.

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