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Name: Firas Habeb Abdulrazzak Aldahlaki

Birth: Baghdad, 1973/ 12/ 05

B. Sc. in Chemistry 1995 from College of Education / Baghdad University

M. Sc. In Physical chemistry 2003 from College of Education / Baghdad University Know Ph. D. in Physical chemistry at College of Sciences / Babylon University 2015 Working in Dialah University / College of Education – Chemistry Department I have many published paper in excess molar quantities and photochemistry in addition to nanotechnology 1- F. H. Abdulrazzak and F. H. Hussein, “Effects of Nanoparticle Size on Catalytic and Photocatalytic Activity of Carbon Nanotubes-TitaniuDioxide Composites", Environmental Analytical Chemistry, vol.2, no.2, http://dx.doi.org/ 10.4172 /jreac .1000e110, 2015. 2- F. H. Abdulrazzak and F. H. Hussein, '' Photocatalytic degradation using a nanocomposite of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and TiO2 nanoparticles'', Acceptances in Journal of Babylon University, 2015. 3- Ahmed M. Kamil, Firas H. Abdalrazak, Ahmed F. Halbus and Falah H. Hussein,'' Adsorption of Bismarck Brown R Dye Onto Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes'', J Environ Anal Chem, Vol. 1 , Issue 1, 2014. 4- Ghassan J. Muhammed, Firas H Abdulrazzak and Falah H Hussein,'' Synthesis of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube by using Ethanol as a Carbon Source'', Chem Sci J 2015, 6:1.

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